• - Contributing to National Development.
  • - Fostering Competencies among the student.
  • - Inclusion of value system among student teachers.
  • - Promoting use of technology

Provide morally, ethically & environmentally matured student teachers


The institute is committed to provide ‘Quality Education’ and achieving excellence in teaching, learning and extension activities.

The institute has very well defined objectives for providing holistic education and overall grooming of the student teachers. The major objectives of the Institution are –

  • i. To provide quality education inputs to the student teachers.
  • ii. To enhance skills and competencies of the student teachers.
  • iii. To prepare the student teachers for the new challenges and opportunities, through continuously upgrading the creative thinking and problems solve techniques.
  • iv. To update knowledge of modern educational concepts and techniques.
  • v. To provide first hand experiences and practical knowledge.
  • vi. To provide value oriented education.
  • vii. To produce efficient, dedicated, trained professionals, which in turn improve the quality of Secondary Education.
  • viii. To develop critical thinking, reasoning abilities among the student – teachers, which will improve their decision making ability.
  • ix. To preserve social and cultural heritage of our country.
  • x. To attract world class academic researchers from the institutions in India and provide the knowledge of progress of country in the field of education.