Arihant College holds a vision of providing innovative education to all the learners of today’s generation, where in the learner will not only gain qualification but in fact become educated and knowledgeable.


We seek to establish and manage the institution professionally in the field of teacher training. For this, the mission which Arihant College beholds is of helping the educands to get a true and wholesome personal and professional growth during the training period. We ought to seek an overall development of individual’s personality in the entire three domains – cognitive, affective and psychomotor. We also seek to prepare such trained teachers for society who teaches the student teachers not only the lessons of their course but also lessons of life as well, by becoming exemplar for them. As we are aware of the fact that the teacher affect an entire generation so it become essential for Teacher Education Institute to prepare such teachers who helps the students to learn through the perception. This will become possible only if the teachers become the ‘Role Model’ for their students. For this, we as a teacher training institute make a conscious effort of enriching the society with our knowledgeable and competent trained teachers. Institute is using innovative teaching practice for the fulfillment of its objectives